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Birth and Death Certificate Requests


Recording Fees

The fee for a standard document is $8 per page, for documents that do not meet the document standards set out in 7-4-2636 MCA(2021) there is an additional $10 per document non-standard fee. This office only accepts cash or check for payment of fees.doc img


The Clerk and Recorder’s Office retains public records pertaining to land/ownership, as well as birth and death records. For assistance with the below records please visit the appropriate departments’ webpage for more information:

  • Marriage License/Divorce, Wedding Officiating, Civil Matters, (Felony) Criminal Matters – District Court
  • Vehicle Registration/Titling, Motor Home Titles – Motor Vehicle Department
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Matters, Traffic Citations (Outside City Limits) – Justice Court
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Matters, Traffic Citations (Within City Limits) – City Court
  • Zoning, Subdivision Regulation Administration – Planning
  • Voter Registration, Election Questions – Election Department

Electronic Recording

Documents may be submitted electronically to the Gallatin County Clerk & Recorder's Office for recording through any of the following third-party vendors:

eRecording Partners Network

CSC Corporation Service Company

Indecomm Global Service



Fraud Guard

Protect your Real Property Interest with Fraud Guard

This is a free service provided to you by the Gallatin County Clerk & Recorder’s office. With this service, you are notified of any filing or recording of a document in our office that names you as a grantee or grantor that may be fraudulent. You simply enter any variations of your name or business with additional contact information and you will receive email notification automatically. You can sign up now by clicking on the Fraud Guard link located above.

Clerk & Recorder's File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Site

The FTP Site offers access to all historical documents recorded in the Clerk & Recorder’s Office including all surveys, road petitions, corner records, miscellaneous maps, historical deeds and documents prior to 1980, and more. These documents are not available to EagleWeb Subscribers and are provided as a separate service. An FTP Site subscription is a $100 annual fee.

To sign up for the FTP site service, please complete the Gallatin County Plat Image Access Agreement and return the completed agreement to the Clerk & Recorder’s Office. Contracts may be returned via mail or physically brought to the office, along with check or cash for the $100 subscription fee. Once the completed contract and fee are received, customers will receive an email containing their FTP Site login information and website instructions.


All transfers of interest in real property must be accompanied by a fully completed Montana Realty Transfer Certificate (RTC) to be recorded.  The downloadable RTC form shown above can be filled in online and printed to submit with your document.

*Current fee schedule and document standards checklist went into effect July 1, 2019 and are available for download on this page.

Birth and Death Records

As of October 1, 2006, federal and state regulations require that this office have a copy of a photo ID for any person requesting birth or death records. If you are making your request by mail, please include a copy of both sides of your photo identification. If you don’t have a picture ID, see the request form for other acceptable types of identification.

The birth and death certificate request forms linked on this page can be filled in online and printed out for your convenience. Fees are $8.00 per copy of a birth certificate and $7.00 per copy of a death certificate. Please mail the form and identification to our office with the appropriate fee in U.S. funds by cash, check or money order.

Who can order a Birth Certificate?

Only those authorized by 50-15-121 MCA and 37.8.126 ARM, which includes the registrant (14 years old or older), the registrant’s spouse, children (with proof of relationship), parents, grandparents (with proof of relationship), a caretaker relative, guardian, an authorized representative, or those who provide documentation showing it is needed for determination or protection of the individuals personal or property rights. Proof of relationship, guardianship, caretaker relative, or authorization is required to obtain a certified copy of a birth record.

Step-relatives, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, ex-spouses, foster parents, and a natural parent of an adoptive child are not eligible to receive a certified copy of a birth certificate.

Staff Contacts

Eric Semerad

County Clerk and Recorder/Surveyor

Kirsty Holdbrook

Recording Supervisor