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Tax billing information and the ability to pay is currently available online at  Please use only your parcel number as a search criteria.  You are welcome to call our office at 406-582-3033 if you need help navigating the payment system or have additional questions.

Last year the Department of Revenue concluded that for tax year 2023, 77.9 mills would be sufficient to meet the budgetary requirements of the State School Equalization Funds rather than 95 mills which have been billed in previous years, and the bill you received from Gallatin County reflected that reduction. However, based on a recent ruling from the Montana Supreme Court which authorized the Department to levy the maximum mill amount regardless of the budget, the County has been directed to collect the full 95 mills, and your Second Half tax bill will be amended accordingly. We expect to mail the adjusted bills in mid-March with a due date of May 31. Please disregard the second half payment due on your original bill and pay the new amount instead. Do not pay both. If you paid the full year’s taxes in December, you will still need to pay the amount indicated on the new bill. These additional tax collections mandated by the Montana Department of Revenue will be sent to the State of Montana.

To calculate what your increase will be, multiply your parcel’s total taxable value (located near the upper right-hand corner of the statement) by 0.0171. For example:

Taxable Value      X          17.1 MILLS          =              Expected Increase

$7,389.00              X          0.0171                 =              $126.35

Note- the above amount does not include outstanding taxes or penalties that will also be included on the adjusted statement.         

  • 2023 REAL PROPERTY TAXES: 2ND HALF - MAY 31, 2024
Didn't receive your bill?  Please check our tax website at to see if we have the correct mailing address.  If not, please contact the Montana Department of Revenue - Bozeman Office at 406-582-3400 or email
Need payoff information, or have other questions related to property taxes?  Please email us at or call us at 406-582-3033.
SAVE TIME AND PAY ONLINE!  To make an online payment using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card, OR by electronic check * (e-check), visit and follow the prompts.  (Note:  A convenience fee for the use of credit or debit cards of $1.25 + 1.995% is charged by our third-party processor.  E-checks add an additional $2.00.  Multiple parcels can be paid together.
For a change of mailing address, questions regarding the assessed market value of a property, appeals, or legal description of the property, contact the Montana Department of Revenue – Bozeman Office at 406-582-3400 or email:

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