Detention Center

Detention CenterWe now offer inmate video visitation, messaging and other services through Please visit the link for more information!

At the Gallatin County Detention Center, we work to improve public safety and the quality of life in Gallatin County. We maximize the community's investment by helping inmates leave a little better than when they come here, so they are less likely to re-offend and end up in jail again. The Detention Center is a division of the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office and shares the mission to serve and protect the residents of Gallatin County.

The largest portion of inmates in our Detention Center are pretrial. After trial, we can hold an inmate sentenced by the court for up to a year. We hold a few inmates for other agencies, such as Madison County and Yellowstone National Park, under contract; the funds are used for maintenance and held as reserves for future needs.

To give each person the best chance at success when they re-enter society, the Gallatin County Detention Center offers programs for inmates including medical and mental health services, anger management, tutoring, job service, addiction counseling and parenting. The Detention Center also has a Fresh Start Reentry Program to assist inmates with a discharge plan and follow-up so they can overcome the hurdles that are common on re-entry. Inmates who take advantage of these programs are less likely to return to jail, which leads to lower criminal costs, healthier families and less crime. Gallatin County Detention Center was the first facility in the state to provide these programs to help inmates improve their lives during and after detention, and to rebuild a successful life after leaving.


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