DUI Task Force

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For the most current information on the Gallatin County DUI Task Force, visit our website http://www.drivesobergallatin.com
DUI Task Force Purpose
  • Prevent DUI
  • Reduce Alcohol &/or Drug Related Traffic Incidences
  • Educate the Public on the Dangers of DUI
The mission of the Gallatin County DUI Task Force is to
reduce the incidence of driving under the influence
of alcohol and other drugs.
The vision for the Gallatin County DUI Task Force is to be
the “face of DUI prevention” by providing education,
funding, networking opportunities, enforcement,
and public advocacy in Gallatin County.
The Gallatin County DUI Task Force is a citizens group appointed by the County Commissioners to develop and/or fund public education, awareness, and enforcement projects to reduce the number of alcohol and/or drug related crashes and deaths in Gallatin County.
Since 1982, the Task Force has provided a forum for proactive discussion and a place for professionals in the field to come together to discuss this critical issue, and to design constructive and effective courses of action.