County Administrator

Department Overview
The County Administrator’s Office was created by the Gallatin County Commissioners in October of 2003 in recognition of their desire to pursue excellence in government. Continually increasing demand for services is a consequence of the strong growth Gallatin County has experienced in recent years and this was another factor in the decision to create the position.
The County Administrator is responsible to the County Commission for all departments assigned to the position including Compliance, Court Services, Dispatch-911, Facilities, Finance, Grants, GIS, Human Resources, Information Technology Services, Open Space, Planning, Rest Home and Road/Bridge. Funding for the office comes from taxes assessed within the County General Fund. By facilitating a diverse range of operations, the County Administrator provides support to the County Commission and enhances the operational effectiveness of County Government.
Departmental Goals
  • Foster excellence in government and continuous improvement in organizational climate through leadership and professional development.
  • Align County operational practices with Commission and public goals to ensure high quality customer service and responsiveness.
  • Promote employee retention and other vital human resources strategies.
  • Identify potential operational efficiencies that may produce savings for taxpayers.
  • Serve as a liaison within County Government as well as with various boards and represent Gallatin County in a manner that enhances intergovernmental relations.
  • Facilitate effective communication within County Government and ensure congruence between the policy and operational levels.
  • Provide capable executive leadership within Gallatin County

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County Administrator

Deputy County Administrator

Communications Coordinator