County Attorney

Department Overview:

The Office of County Attorney prosecutes all felony crimes committed in the county, as well as all misdemeanor crimes committed outside of the limits of the incorporated cities and towns.

The office handles all of Gallatin County's cases of abuse and neglect of children, and cases involving delinquent juveniles.

The office ensures that crime victims are treated fairly and are kept up to date regarding the status of their case, both before and after sentencing.

The County Attorney promotes public safety and ensures offender accountability by prosecuting criminal cases; advocating for victims and victims' rights; facilitating financial restitution for victims; creating and refining processes to deal with criminal justice issues; providing timely and sound legal advice to all offices, departments and local government entities; and providing first-rate representation for the County in all civil cases.

Staff Contacts

Audrey Cromwell

County Attorney

Jack Veil

Executive Assistant to the County Attorney