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Mission Statement:

The Gallatin County Weed District strives to implement an effective noxious weed management program for the protection and enhancement of the open space, natural, and agricultural resources of Gallatin County for the benefit of the public.

The Primary Goals of the Weed District:

  • Effectively manage noxious weeds on county properties
  • Assist county residents with noxious weed control
  • Review noxious weed management plans for developments within the county
  • Provide effective enforcement of the noxious weed law
  • Participate in education and outreach with schools, homeowners associations, and other groups to raise awareness of noxious weeds
  • Work with federal, state, and local partners to develop cooperative noxious weed management strategies
  • Map and survey noxious weeds throughout the county
  • Administer a noxious weed inspection and certification program for gravel pits within the county

Staff Contacts

John Ansley


Michael Jones

Assistant Coordinator

Danielle Jones

Assistant Coordinator