Gallatin County Justice Court Sending Postcards to Potential Jurors for 2024-2025 Term


This week, Gallatin County residents who have been selected to serve in the upcoming jury term for Gallatin County Justice Court will receive official notifications regarding their selection. These individuals are kindly asked to promptly complete a related questionnaire.  

Gallatin County Justice Court sent out roughly 4,500 notices this week to residents who were randomly chosen to be a part of Justice Court’s upcoming jury term which runs from September 1, 2024 to August 31, 2025.  

Names for this jury term pool were randomly drawn from a combined list of registered voters, licensed drivers and Montana ID card holders. 

Justice Court has two Justice of the Peace judges who handle misdemeanor criminal citations issued by the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Montana Highway Patrol, Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport police, and the Montana Department of Transportation. They are also responsible for seeing people making initial appearances on felony charges. The civil division handles orders of protection, landlord/tenant disputes, and contract disputes not exceeding $15,000.  

It’s important to note that recipients of these notifications are not being summoned for a specific jury trial at this time. Rather, they are being informed of their potential eligibility for jury duty during the year-long term.  

Within seven days of receiving the Justice Court postcard, recipients must complete a questionnaire by either: 

All jury service postcards include detailed instructions. 

It is essential for selected residents to promptly respond to these notices by completing the accompanying juror questionnaire within 7 days of receipt. Failure to do so may result in a personal visit from the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, tasked with delivering questionnaires to non-responsive individuals. Such an undertaking places undue strain on our law enforcement resources, leading to potential delays in trials and impeding the timely administration of justice.   

Gallatin County District Court recently sent out similar notifications to prospective jurors selected for their 2024-2025 jury term. This is a separate court that handles primarily felony crimes, civil matters with over $15,000 in damages, domestic relations, juvenile, probate, mental health, water cases, and appeals from Justice Court, Municipal Court, and administrative agencies.  

Because names are randomly selected for each of these jury pools, there is a chance some residents may have been chosen for both. If you have been chosen for both courts, contact District Court and they will work with you to remove you from one of the jury pools.