Amended Second-Half Tax Bills Mailed to Gallatin County Property Owners


Last year, the Montana Department of Revenue (DOR) concluded that for tax year 2023, 77.9 mills would be sufficient to meet the budgetary requirements of the State School Equalization Funds rather than 95 mills, which have been billed in previous years. The property tax bill you received from Gallatin County in November reflected that reduction.  

However, Governor Gianforte sued Missoula County, which eventually resulted in a ruling from the Montana Supreme Court that authorized DOR to levy the maximum mill amount regardless of the budget. Gallatin County has thus been directed to collect the full 95 mills, and second-half tax bill have been amended accordingly.  

The Gallatin County Treasurer’s Office mailed these amended second-half tax bills to property owners on Friday, March 22. Property owners can expect to see these arrive in their mailboxes soon. 

Property owners should disregard the second-half payment due on original bills, sent late last year, and pay the amount that comes with the amended bills instead. Do not pay both.  

Folks who paid the full year’s taxes in December will still need to pay the amount indicated on this bill. These additional tax collections mandated by the Governor's Office will be sent to the State of Montana and not to any local jurisdictions.  

Second half property taxes are due May 31.  

If you pay your property taxes through your mortgage, please verify with your lender that they will handle paying this amended bill. 

Property owners can also view amended bills online at  

If you have questions about your bill, please contact the Gallatin County Treasurer’s Office by phone at 406-582-3033, by email at, or in person at the Gallatin County Courthouse located at 311 W. Main St. in downtown Bozeman. 

Property tax information, including bills and history, can also be found at